A coustics has made a lot of people popular. Acoustic plaster ceiling, on the other hand, has also had its fair share of popularity from the 50s up to this day.

Acoustic plaster ceiling makes use of acoustical plaster that is sprayed on the ceiling. Most individuals from all walks of life have grown to love this kind of ceiling in the olden days because during that time, there are no modern or glass ceilings yet, and Venetian and Victorian ceilings only frequent the homes and function halls of those with deep pockets.

Popcorn plaster ceiling is what is close to being the best example of an acoustic ceiling. Its great texture and its soundproofing ability has smitten thousands, or probably millions, of homeowners in the US. However, like any celebrity, this type of plaster ceiling has hit a curb when lab analysis has proven that it actually contains asbestos – a mineral that, when inhaled, can cause cancer and other harmful diseases. Acoustic plaster ceiling asbestos’ popularity has gone out just like that.

On a good note, we are happy to let you know that acoustic plaster ceiling has made quite a strong comeback. Although it is not totally asbestos-free, the harmless kind of asbestos is used to manufacture the acoustical plaster so it is now safe to be used in any place.

Furnish your space with an acoustic plaster ceiling. Its elegant style and creative impact gives the surrounding a very nice ambience. Aside from all that have been mentioned, it is:


Easy to Apply

Because it only needs to be sprayed on the ceiling, acoustical plaster is easy to apply and needs no mastery to be used. If you do not want a popcorn type of acoustic plaster ceiling where you just leave the plaster to dry and form little peaks, you can take out your utility knife or a Stipple pad or anything you want to use in order to get the texture and design that you want.

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Requires Less Labor

Do you know that if you make acoustic plaster ceiling, you do not have to spend time, money and effort on paint? Yes, that is correct, because you can just add a color powder of your choice on the plaster, and just spray the now-colored plaster on your ceiling. Now, you do not have to pay extra labor to your contractor and his assistants.


Insulates Heat

Acoustic plaster ceiling is a great thermal insulator. This can serve as your built-in home fire protector.