Cracked Plaster Ceiling Malaysia
I f you are at home or in your office, look above you. Can you see any cracks in your plaster ceiling? Are they big or small? Usually, small cracks do not indicate huge problems. However, we can never be so sure because of these possible cracked plaster ceiling causes:

  • The plaster may have shrank.
  • The wood lath that serves as the base for the plaster has accumulated too much water from the humid air.
  • The ceiling fan that is attached to the ceiling causes a lot of vibration.
  • Leaking roof.
  • The newly built house is just starting to settle, and the varying temperature makes the molecules of the house to expand and contract.


How to fix cracked plaster ceiling may not be very easy, especially if this is going to be the first time you are attempting to do it, but it is doable. You can follow these steps:

Method #1

  • Cracked plaster ceiling repair for shallow fissures should start by widening the cracks to about ¼ inch. This way, the plaster compound can settle better in between cracks. If there is paint over it, sand the paint away.
  • Once the cracks are clean, you can start repairing plaster ceiling with joint compound. Let it dry for several hours before you apply another coating, this time in a broader direction so that there will be no cracks again.
  • Sand and clean the patched area once it is dry.


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Method #2

  • If you do not want to make cracks bigger in order to fix them, you can still repair your cracked plaster ceiling by patching plaster ceiling with drywall.
  • To do this, first dust off the cracks before you apply a thin coat of joint compound on them.
  • Then, while the compound is still wet, use a thick paper tape to cover cracked plaster ceiling. The tape does not have to be put in a straight line – go with the flow of the cracks. You can cut a small pieces of the tape to be able to cover the fissures more precisely.
  • When this is totally dry, apply another coating of the plaster compound over the paper tape. Let this dry very well before you sand the once-cracked patches.

Plaster cracks between ceiling and wall are most likely caused by the settling of the house particles, and you can use either method in repairing a cracked plaster ceiling. With as little tools as putty knife, paper tape, sand paper, and joint compound, your plaster ceiling can look amazing again.