Plaster ceiling Design Malaysia
T he quote above does not only apply to clothes, shoes, bags, or even the personality of the human being. It can also apply to the furniture, decorations and designs that you choose to put in your home.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. – Coco Chanel.

Having a fantastic plaster ceiling design is great way to show your uniqueness among everyone else’s abode. You do not have to be an extremist though and start adding precious gems to your ceilings, no. All you need to know are the latest ideas and styles for plaster ceiling design.



Plaster of Paris (POP) is the mother of all plaster ceiling ideas. Because of the main reason that POP can be molded into almost anything, if is used to make the fibrous plaster ceiling design. A POP medallion is the most commonly used type of Plaster of Paris.



A Victorian plaster ceiling design will always be a part of the latest ceiling styles because of its eternal beauty and timelessness. This can serve as the central masterpiece in your home. With a Victorian plaster ceiling design, you can always get that classic vibe that you cannot get from any other kind of plaster ceiling.



If you want your bedroom or your living room to look like something that is out of a chic movie, you may as well get modern plaster ceiling design. The designs you can have for this is endless. If you want your wallpaper to extend to your ceiling, you can do that. This is for all ages.


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Choosing the right dome plaster ceiling design is highly important, especially if you are putting the dome ring in your home so do not want to be something you will see in old churches or the library. A dome shell will be great if you want your ceiling to look taller. If you already have a high ceiling, you can opt for a shallower dome where a chandelier can beautifully swing.



One acoustic plaster ceiling design that may be well known to everyone is the ‘popcorn’ style wherein you have to spray the plaster on the ceiling without smoothing anything out when tiny peaks form. This design is greatly beneficial for recording studios or simply in any apartment if you do not want your neighbors to hear you or vice versa.



The Venetian plaster ceiling design never goes out of style since a lot of people still believe that simplicity of beauty. With this design, you can get a smooth finish with the impression of complexity and texture.



You can get fibrous plaster ceiling design if you want to mold a lion’s face, a deity’s face, or even your face, and plaster it on the ceiling.



Glass plaster ceiling design is great at toning up or toning down the look of a room. Feel free to ask your contractor if a frosted glass, stained glass or painted glass will be better for your place.