H ere in Plaster Ceiling Malaysia, we believe in the saying that “being unique is better than being perfect.” We get to show this belief in all the plaster ceiling domes, Victorian roses, and cornices that we produce.

Plaster ceiling domes are the best you can add in a room where the ceiling has no other floors above it. Some examples of such rooms, are hotel lobbies, foyers, mini auditoriums, museums, function halls, and living rooms and dining rooms in aristocratic homes. An intricately designed dome is a wonderful work of art that needs not a huge crystal chandelier; you might as well just set up small spotlights around it in order to highlight its features. A simple yet equally attractive ceiling dome, on the other hand, can be enhanced by adding an exquisite chandelier that can transform the whole ceiling into a masterpiece.

As we have said earlier, each plaster ceiling dome that we create is one of a kind. We do not try to follow the trend or to copy the trend – we are the trend. The material that we use make our plaster ceiling domes is gypsum, and we can assure you that it is of superior quality that’s why our domes can last a lifetime.

All ceiling domes come in various sizes and designs. To show you a few of them, Plaster Ceiling Domes Malaysia will provide you plaster ceiling dome design ideas that can stand out in your home.


Victorian Dome

Plaster ceiling domes which are inspired from the Victorian era are often fabulously designed, and you can clearly see every curve and swirl on the leaves and flowers that are etched on the plaster. A dome like this is mostly seen in huge classical buildings, museums, auditoriums, churches and librarires.

Edwardian Dome

Edwardian plaster ceiling domes are generally less in terms of design intricacy and in size. The designs can usually be found around the edges of the dome, giving it a unique trimming. This is a great addition to your home if you want to emphasize your chandelier more.


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Glass Dome

Glass plaster ceiling domes are the epitome of uniqueness because not every home or establishment dares to have it. This pretty dome on the image simply adds elegance to the building, and it is also eco-friendly because you do not have to turn on lots of lights and consume electricity just to light up the whole place.


Oval Dome

What is probably the greatest thing about oval dome is that it can look good in any design. Like an oval-shaped face, you can add as many or as less embellishments to it, and it will still not look subpar.