“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” – Maya Angelou


A lthough this has a very deep meaning when applied to a person, it has a very literal meaning when applied to a downlight that is embedded well in a plaster ceiling.

Downlight is different from the regular light bulbs that are fixed on a socket on the ceiling in such a way that the latter is a light giving material that can be seen on the surface, while the light that it gives off is the only thing that can be seen from the former.


Look at these images. Isn’t it more exciting and more amazing to make people wonder where the lights in your house are coming from than just having them see your light bulb hanging out there? This is the reason why a lot of homeowners prefer to get a plaster ceiling downlight.


Now, remember that change is essential in order to expand our horizons. When you see the picture above, you can say that it will look awesome when it is lit up at night. However, plaster ceiling downlight manufacturers have probably thought that this is still not enough, that there is more they can offer to their consumers, so new waves of styles and designs have been born. Some of them are here:


Eyeball downlight is a type of recessed downlight. This is popular these days, especially in modern homes, because it light can be directed to any other section of the house around it. This is great if you want to keep your small apartment or condominium dimly lit while you are working on your living room or you are having breakfast on your dining table. Eyeball downlight is your best option if you want a recessed downlight to illuminate and adorn your place because its light offer better range and more flexibility that the others of its kind.

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If you are looking for more lighting that is directed down below, you can get this decorative plaster ceiling downlight light box at an affordable price. Such downlight has a plaster finish that’s why it looks almost like an extension of your plaster ceiling once installed. This comes in various shapes and sizes.


This plaster ceiling downlight dwells more on style to make it extremely unique. The twinkling stars on both sides of the false ceiling are actual light bulbs which are simply shown through small holes in the ceiling, and the downlights probably act as the moons. And, speaking of the downlights, the lights inside may just be plain white, but the trimmings around it are exceptional.


For any plaster ceiling downlight that you want in your home or your office, you can use a halogen bulb which is what is generally used for this, or an energy saving LED bulb.