F ibrous plaster ceiling is a great embodiment of the catchphrase ‘small but terrible’. The reason for this is because even though it is very light and it does not seem like it can last for even just a couple of months, it is actually very sturdy.

This plaster ceiling can be your best friend, especially if you are running out of budget and you cannot have glasses or domes for your ceiling anymore.

It is far from being the perfect type of plaster ceiling, but where is the fun in being perfect and not being able to try a lot of things when it is already perfect, right? Learn more about the advantages of having fibrous plaster ceiling below.

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Great for Plasterwork

For any of you who do not know what a fibrous plaster ceiling is, you may just have to look up in the ceiling of your favorite cinema house, and you will see it there. This is great for plasterwork in movie theaters, coliseums and other places where a lot of people and a lot of entertainment usually takes place because such establishments have to keep their ceiling new all the time to be able to pass some regulatory inspections in the area.



Fibrous plaster ceiling panels have made quite a name for itself because of its durability and strength that you cannot mostly get from other low-priced materials. Aside from being durable, it is not as heavy as other plasters when it dries, and this is not a very risky material if ever it breaks off from the ceiling and falls to the ground. Its being fireproof is what makes it a great covering for metals and wood.


Used for Making Moldings and Cornices

Another amazing this that this can do is that it not only makes durable fibrous plaster ceiling panels, it is also the best kind of plaster to use when you want to get intricately designed moldings and cornices. Our ancient folks have discovered this a long time ago, and fibrous plaster has been used to fill molds for plaster covings and rosettes which are great ornaments for temples, shrines, homes and offices. Other than that, since this is lightweight, the cornices can be transported easier and do not have to be done in the work site. This will save a great amount of time for both the plasterer and the homeowner.


Proven Effective for Hundreds of Years

As mentioned above, fibrous plaster ceiling has been proven effective for hundreds of years – specifically, over 140 years – so this is definitely not a newcomer in the business.