Plaster Ceiling Installation Malaysia
P laster ceiling installation can be as easy as ABC if you have the right tools and the right guide. It will take more than just a nail and a hammer to install a plaster ceiling, especially if you are working with a ‘dry’ plaster. It is a good thing that Plaster Ceiling Malaysia is here to help you for the entire plaster ceiling installation process.  It can be challenging, but we will make it easy for you!

Below are the two ways you can do plaster ceiling installation. We cannot simply give you one process since every person is different so what is easy for one person may be difficult for the other, and vice versa. Read through both so you will know what will suit you best.


Traditional Plaster Ceiling Installation

  • The traditional manner of installing plaster ceiling is by first attaching a smartply or an oriented strand board (OSB) to the ceiling beams with nails and a hammer, stapling Styrofoam to it, and then attaching a metal mesh lath on top of the Styrofoam.
  • The consistency of the plaster that you are going to use is highly important so use the “scratch coat” type and test it by applying it with a flat trowel to a part of the metal lath. Make sure that it stays.
  • Once you are okay with the consistency of your plaster, apply about 3/8-inch thick coating of the plaster to the metal lath. Waiting for it to dry usually takes 2 days, but keep it a bit damp all the time.
  • The second layer of coating that you have to apply next is called the “brown coat” plaster, and do it less thicker than the first one. Drying it may take 1 whole day so keep it moist as well.
  • The application of the last coating is when the fun begins because you will finally see what you want your plaster ceiling to be like. After the finishing coat, choose any color or any texture or any design that you like for your ceiling. If you want a popcorn ceiling, so be it. If you want a smooth ceiling, you can have it as well. Your wish is your command.


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Modern Plaster Ceiling Installation

  • The modern way of plaster ceiling installation is somewhat easier because it makes use of drywalls or plasterboards instead of metal laths. After attaching the drywall to the ceiling beams, see to it that there are no cracks to the surface. You can also sand away the rough parts of it so you can have a smooth area.
  • Use a plaster mixture to fill in the joints of the plasterboards. If you cannot find a plaster compound, you can use the “brown coat” plaster instead.
  • Finish the process with any texture that you want when the coating starts to set