R ainy days are soon taking over the sunny days. When you live in an old home with an old plaster ceiling, it may not come as a surprise to you anymore when one day after coming home from work you see puddles of water coming down from the ceiling due to your leaking roof. Perhaps, it may even be a constant happening in your life already that you sometimes anticipate it and put a bucket on the floor to catch the dripping water. If you are already tired of cleaning your indoor puddles and seeing the brownish dark and maybe moldy parts of your ceiling, you can get assistance from Plaster Ceiling Johor Bahru.

Plaster Ceiling Johor Bahru is specializing in providing great plaster ceiling works and different kinds of plaster ceiling repairs with Johor Bahru. We are efficient and dedicated in our craft that’s why we can honestly say that we are one of the best when it comes to plaster ceilings.


Why hire Plaster Ceiling Johor Bahru?

  • We have some of the most talented and hardworking painters, contractors and repairmen that you can ever in all of Malaysia. All of the staff of Plaster Ceiling Johor Bahru have enough training and experience to perform any plaster ceiling work that our customer may ask for.
  • In Plaster Ceiling Johor Bahru, you can get the most intricate patterns and decorations for plaster ceiling. If you want a plaster ceiling rosette or medallion to be the center of attention on your living room, we also have Venetian, dome, modern, acoustic, and other types of plaster ceiling designs that you will absolutely love.
  • The most important reason why you should hire the services of Plaster Ceiling Johor Bahru is because of the practicality and affordability of every plaster ceiling quotation that you will get. We do not overprice on any of our products and services, we do not have any hidden charges, and we try everything in our power to give you the best results.


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Repairing plaster ceiling is more than just covering the problem and hoping that it will not come back and no one will notice it. There are some plaster ceiling issues that only a professional plaster ceiling contractor can solve, such as finding out if there is asbestos on your plaster ceiling and removing it. We are here to help you in any of your plaster ceiling needs. Give us a call soon!