These days, various things are being invented – mobile charger that generates energy when you run, a gadget that can supposedly translate the cat language, and robots that can clean your house. The problem is that these inventions are thought to be very expensive that’s why mass production is not yet available. That’s why only the geeks know of them.

Like these works of mind, an L box plaster ceiling is not very much known to a lot of people. Why? It is probably because it has been already labeled as a ‘high end product’ so that means it is more expensive than a regular drywall. The result is that mostly modern homes, apartments and condominiums have it at the moment.

L box plaster ceiling is a type of false or suspended ceiling. Even though the L box plaster ceiling price is a little on the costly side, the incentives of having it in any part of your home are:

  • Your power lines and cables will be concealed since this has enough room to accommodate those.
  • The sounds in the room will be highly isolated.
  • L box plaster ceiling is an excellent thermal and water insulator.
  • You can make tiny or big holes on your L box plaster ceiling, depending on how much light you want to show through it.
  • L box plaster ceiling can add grace to your home.

Not all L box plaster ceilings are as expensive as you think. The price will still depend on how simple or how stylish the L box will be. To give you a taste of what the different kinds of L box can look in your home, we have gathered some examples here:

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This L box plaster ceiling is more on playing with colors. The mossy green of the tiles have stood out due to the light rods placed on both sides of each tile. An L box plaster ceiling like this may not be the best hiding spot for your wirings because of its opaqueness, but it is perfect if you want dim lights.

The L box plaster ceiling in the picture above is utilized as the border for the slanted ceiling. Nothing unusual is done to it, there are even no lights shining through it, but there are recessed lights before it that gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. Besides, this is a great example of an L box plaster ceiling that holds all the cables that may possibly hanging down the ceiling by now if the L box plaster ceiling is not placed there.


This image of an L box plaster ceiling has been put last because of the subtle style that has been added to it. The downlights that accentuate it are simply fitting, this will probably make the kitchen look very intimate when only the downlights are on, but what catches everyone’s attention is that yellow to orange sliver of light that can be seen on the inner edges. No other words can describe this L box plaster ceiling other than majestic.