C ompetitive designs are coming out from time to time. Even though they are not as trendy as shoes, clothes and bags, plaster ceiling designs still change. Some old designs may still be popular right now, but a large array of designs has been added to their number.

Meanwhile, not because you have heard that something is the latest plaster ceiling design, you can just put it anywhere in the house. Condoning with what is ‘in’ right now is chic, but you need to add the right amount of style in everything. In simpler terms, you do not have to install a dome plaster ceiling in your bedroom because that is very unnecessary.

To know the latest plaster ceiling design for every part of your home, you can look at a plaster ceiling design catalogue. However, if you have no time for that, you can just continue reading as we provide you the latest plaster ceiling designs that can add life to your home!


Latest Plaster Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Since the bedroom is where you get to relax the most and just think about all the things you have done during the day, the latest plaster ceiling design for it makes use of suspended plasterboards and lights of any color in order to create that modern and three-dimensional effect. There are no loud colors needed for this.


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Latest Plaster Ceiling Design for Living Room

From what we have gathered, it seems like those who look for the latest plaster ceiling design for living room are yuppies – young professionals – who are actually looking for the latest plaster ceiling design for apartment or for condominium to brighten up their newly acquired space. For that reason, making a hole on your ceiling to make room for domes or any other plaster medallions or glasses is definitely out of the question. Nevertheless, you can now buy some plaster tiles that you can glue on your ceiling, or you can add some wood planks on it or just keep it pristine white. Suspended plaster ceilings may look great too, as long as your ceiling is high enough.


Latest Plaster Ceiling Design for Kitchen

The plaster ceiling design for kitchen depends on how high or how low your ceiling is. The main idea here is to make a tall ceiling not look like you are in a museum or church, and a low ceiling not look like you are in the house of Snow White’s seven dwarves. The lighting you choose for your kitchen still is a big factor, but adding modern ceiling design to the equation is the deal breaker.