Plaster Ceiling Malaysia Material
A ll plaster ceilings are great; only, they differ in appearance. The different types of plaster ceiling materials are here, and Plaster Ceiling Malaysia will help you identify which ones are safe and durable. Read on to know more.




Lime and/or Gypsum

Before gypsum was used in the early years, there was first lime. Over in time, gypsum became a more popular plaster ceiling material since it could be formed as drywall sheets around 1950s. Gypsum plaster was often combined with sand or hay to strengthen the material even further, and a wood lath would be placed on the ceiling before it to give the plaster a better grip.



Popcorn plaster is the type of plaster ceiling material that is sprayed on either foam, plastic or even cement. It once caused a health havoc because it has been known to have asbestos as part of its ingredients, but the new popcorn plasters are already asbestos-free.

Popcorn plasters create peaks after being sprayed on the ceiling, and it is not smoothed out for added effect. After it dries, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to it or leave it the way it is.


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Orange Peel

If you want your ceiling to look and feel like the skin of an orange, opt for a light, sprayed on plaster. This plaster ceiling material is usually used to cover flaws in the ceiling to make it smooth, but not totally smooth.
Below are some of the latest ceiling covering types that you will find in the market:

Wood Ceiling Planks

If you are looking for a lustrous style for your ceiling, the perfect plaster ceiling material covering for you is a wooden plank. You have a lot of wood finish to choose from so that you can find the best color to enhance your home or your work space.

Glue-on Tiles

Glue-on tiles for ceilings are for homeowners who want art in their ceiling. This plaster ceiling material is affordable, easy to set up and easy to replace. You options are numerous if you choose this to decorate your ceiling.

Textured Paint

Textured paint is great if you want to create a stucco effect on your ceilings because it is a thick kind of paint that is mixed with particles for that purpose. Pick the color that will match your furniture or your everyday mood.