P laster ceiling medallions are starting to populate every kind of home in Malaysia, regardless if it is antique or contemporary, or small or large. Well, we really cannot blame the homeowners who do this since plaster ceiling medallions are truly beautiful in their own right. Who will want a lot of texture in their ceiling when they already have a piece of this plaster ceiling rose to cheer up their dull upper interior surface?

Plaster ceiling medallions have been in circulation for a very long time. The intricacy of the designs vary all the time, but what seems to be the most dominant are the Victorian plaster ceiling medallions.

How to know if you are looking at a Victorian plaster ceiling rose? It is quite simple. The people who have lived in the Victorian era love, love, love gardens and the flowers and leaves that they see in the gardens that is why they have tried to recreate such natural décor in a slab of plaster. Obviously, they have succeeded because the plasterers of this generation are still getting inspiration from those designs at this time.

We are happy to show you some of the best plaster ceiling medallions that you can have in your home.


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If you want a plaster ceiling rose design that is somewhat tribal, you can choose to get the same medallion as above. Plaster ceiling medallions like this look better without a chandelier hanging in the middle of it so it will be best if you buy a very large one and have it installed anywhere in your home. To give emphasis to it, you can also set up recessed lights around it and point the lights towards, as if you are always showcasing your ceiling rose.

This is another Victorian plaster ceiling rose, but it is more on the modern, edgier side since it is quite clear that this rose has been painted. Painting plaster ceiling medallions is not a bad thing; you may just have to use oil- or water-based paints if you want to do it so that the paint will totally stick.


Do you want to know how you can save yourself from buying a lot of furniture for your living room? Expensive and expensive-looking furniture are needed in a home with a ceiling that has no frills, but if you have a fantabulous plaster ceiling rose like this, your guests will not care less if they just have to sit on bean bags the next time they come to your home as long as you allow them to stare at your ceiling medallion for hours.


“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston