I n the billions of people who inhabit the Earth, a large portion of it consists of young and creative individuals who can appreciate the grandeur of the old homes but still want to live in a home that is considered contemporary.

“Faith is like WIFI. It’s invisible, but it has the power to connect you to what you need.” 

As weird as that may sound, and as disconnecting as it may seem to the topic, let this be your reminder when you are planning to build your modern plaster ceiling, the materials and the concept that you are going to use to make it happen may be far off from one another, but if your contractor says it is possible, it can happen.

We have gathered below three modern plaster ceiling designs that may interest you.


The genius in this modern plaster ceiling can be seen on how the contractor has made this high ceiling look not as high as it is. That has happened when a partition has been put to where the inclined part of the ceiling starts and by putting low light fixtures that are at least 2 feet above a person’s head. This is great because it is very simple, classy and chic.

A slanted ceiling is quite a popular modern plaster ceiling design in bathrooms (as shown in the picture) and in kids’ rooms because it gives that attic effect that some people look for in a home. Wood planks are generally used for this, but how you want to put it – horizontally, vertically or diagonally – will depend on your taste, as well as the paint color. How you are going to give life to it, however, makes a difference.

As for the bathroom like this, the decorator played mostly with earth colors for the entire room, but you can choose other combinations. Just make sure that you do not choose too many colors if you do not want to make your room look like a circus.

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The image above is an example of tray ceiling, another popular modern plaster ceiling design. Its principle is almost the same as a dome ceiling: it makes your ceiling look taller. This kind gets its beauty for the levels of borders that surround the ceiling. You have to be careful at picking your chandelier or any light fixture that you will setup with it thought since, like in a food tray, it will be the main course, the center of attraction.