“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!”

T he plaster ceiling molding industry has come a very long way. If in the olden times it has only been used in temples, palaces, libraries, churches and museums, now it can be found as a commonality in almost every home. If before the designs only consist of a single flower or long lines or the slightest curve, now there are designs that you actually cannot explain but are still exquisitely beautiful. And if in previous eras a plaster ceiling molding only consist of lion heads, family crests, etc., you are in for the best surprise of your life as we compile below some of the different styles of plaster ceiling molding that you can have installed on your ceiling.


Let us start off with the basics. The plaster ceiling molding that we have here has the design of small flowers connected to each other. This is not a plaster cornice to cover up the junction between the ceiling and the wall, but an actual border for a plaster ceiling. This is great if you have a conservative home and you want to keep things very simple and minimal. It can be emphasized greatly by installing a single big piece of crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.


A plaster ceiling molding like this perfect if you want a strong ceiling ornament. You can get a large molding of this design as your ceiling rose, or you can tap on your creative side and buy smaller ones and strategically place them on your ceiling.

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The beauty in this plaster ceiling molding can be seen in the intricate flowers and swirls in the middle of this plate-like ornament. You know that something has real elegance when every part of it is not too lame or too much.


This looks like the design has been carved out of the plaster ceiling, but really it is a molding that has been transferred to the plaster ceiling. It is a lot more fun when you make your guests wonder and make their own theories on how you were able to place such an art on your ceiling.


The plaster molding ceiling design that we have on this picture has the freestyle / eclectic appeal it. You never know where the lines start and end, what the whole design is all about, but overall it is amazing. You can have it on your ceiling with a chandelier in the middle, or you can leave it a blank space and just add recessed lights around it.