A s much as you want to save more money when you are building a home or an office, you cannot afford to have your guests see your ceiling beams and the underside of your roof if that is not the design you are after, can you? Tell you what, invest on plaster ceiling panels because they can cover up these unsightly parts of your ceilings and even make this whole space look more fabulous.

Plaster ceiling panels are basically plaster ceiling tiles that you attach to the lath base. Instead of spending hours or days spraying, rolling or stamping layers after layers of wet plaster, it will be better – and easier – if you just purchase plaster ceiling panels that you can stick to your ceiling by yourself.

The major perks of buying plaster ceiling panels than getting a real and wet plaster are:

  • You will have to deal with lower levels of messiness since you mostly only have to make use of plaster adhesives that are packed in tubes, and you can control how much adhesive will come out.
  • You get to determine the size and shape of the plaster ceiling panels.
  • Plaster ceiling panels are so easy to be installed that you can even make your own DIY video while you are doing it.
  • There are a lot – perhaps hundreds – of designs to choose from.

As a matter of fact, we have compiled some of those designs here so that you can get a wider understanding of the range of designs that you can see in the market. Here they are:


This design is more often used for offices. There is nothing extravagant about plaster ceiling panels like this, but its beauty will be visible if you take a close look at it. It kind of reminds you of a cookies and cream flavored ice cream, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, if you feel as if your lifetime goal is to have at least one old fashioned room in your home, you can get plaster ceiling panels like this one on the picture. Such panels can usually be seen in casinos, hotels and other luxurious places due to the fact that the intricacy of their design exude wealth and power. However, if you really want it in your home, we have similar plaster ceiling panels available for you at Plaster Ceiling Malaysia.

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Imagination is your only limit with whatever you do. If you are feeling creative, why don’t you try copying this ceiling panel design the next time you renovate your ceiling and replace your panels? This is very fun, and style will surely be associated with you after your friends have seen this.