T here has been – or probably there still is – a common misconception that all kinds of plasters are called Plaster of Paris. The truth is that there are many forms of plasters, and Plaster of Paris is just one of them.

Since Plaster of Paris is more often used for designing and other artistic purposed, a Plaster of Paris ceiling offers a lot of promises in being one big canvas that ceiling painters or any other painter in general may not be able to resist. Nevertheless, despite such usage, it is also a highly popular plaster because:

  • It is great in patching up cracks on the surface of any plaster.
  • It never chips off or cracks even when the plaster hardness or when the house settles.
  • You can save on the application of paint because it does not absorb as much paint as other kinds of plasters.
  • When added with other materials, it can make sturdy ceiling panels and boards.
  • It combines with water almost immediately, making the mixing process shorter and less physical energy conducive.
  • It is fire resistant.
  • It usually gives off a smooth finish, but you can add texture to it however you want.


Home design ideas of course lead you to bedroom designs, and the Plaster of Paris ceiling is one of the most interesting part of it. It makes your bedroom more inviting. How the ceiling is made is as important as how plush your bed is, how bright or how dim your lighting is, and how soft your pillows are. Here are some Plaster of Paris ceiling designs for your bedroom:


If you have a little girl, you may want to have this kind of bedroom for her. The pastel colors brighten up the whole space, and instead of this ceiling color pattern, you can change it into a rainbow pattern or just a pink and purple striped combination. A little boy can also have this style and choose the colors that he wants for the ceiling. Such Plaster of Paris ceiling work may suit hallways and offices as well.

This Plaster of Paris ceiling design idea is for more mature people who want simplicity in their bedroom. This tray ceiling has dark brown borders give color to the ceiling, and the ceiling fan and randomly placed lights serve as its accents. This design is great if you want to go big on your furniture designs to balance everything out.


If you are someone who wants to make your doll house come into reality, this design is for you. This makes use of Plaster of Paris as that pink border to make the gigantic and beautiful plaster rosette to pop out. This bedroom is very dainty with its white and pink motif, but it is very elegant and very doll house-like.

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If you want a minimalist and/or contemporary vibe in your newly made bedroom, you can opt for this Plaster of Paris ceiling design. This basically has a rounded suspended ceiling that is highlighted by a single modern chandelier to complete the look.