“All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.” – Bruce Lee
T o tell you honestly, it is not only the truth that you can find outside fixed patterns but the beauty and class that all those winding patterns have. This is the reason why we never settle for anything less and always try to come up or know the latest plaster ceiling patterns in the industry.

Plaster ceiling patterns are made in order to put emphasis on the ceiling and to give it a little life. A smooth ceiling is great but, let’s admit it, it is pretty dull. With patterns on your ceiling on the other hand, you may not even have to get frivolous chandeliers or light fixtures to adorn your ceiling because the wonderful random patterns that you can make on the plaster are artistic and elegant enough.

If you are not sure of what curves and texture you can do on your ceiling, enjoy these pretty and latest plaster ceiling patterns that are perfect for your home. These ideas will help your home look even more stylish and creative in one snap of your fingers!


Broken Leather

This plaster ceiling design is achieved putting a plastic bag over a Stipple pad and pushing it to the texture material of the plaster ceiling. Do it in a way as if you are knocking on the door continuously while moving the pad sideways occasionally to keep the pattern random.


Broken Swirl

You can achieve this plaster ceiling pattern by doing what you have done with broken leather. Only, do it without the plastic.

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When you are doing this plaster ceiling pattern with your Stipple pad, do it as if you are drawing the number 8 in all sizes and directions.



This plaster ceiling pattern highly resembles the texture of a popcorn ceiling. You can do it on your own ceiling by pressing the Stipple pad into the plaster and pulling it off almost immediately.



Probably one of the most loved plaster ceiling patterns of all time, swirl looks great in any color. You can make swirls traditionally with a notched trowel, but you can also get it using a dinner fork, a serving fork, or a Stipple pad – depending on how big or how small you want the swirls to be. Twist and pull is the key.