T he management of Plaster Ceiling Malaysia is terribly humbled to say that we are one – if not the #1 – of the most affordable plaster ceiling services provider in the entire country. We try to keep our prices as inexpensive as they can be, and we get to do that due to our competent and generous plaster ceiling suppliers who treat us almost like their own family and always deliver high quality yet reasonably priced plaster ceiling materials to us on time.

The plaster ceiling price differs in terms of how big or how small the project is that needs to be done, and of how much building or repairing materials are going to be consumed during the entire process.

What are the services that we provide?

Repair services

The plaster ceiling price for our repair services is considerably low-cost in comparison to our other services due to the fact that it needs less work force and less materials to finish. Our services extend but not limited to repairing and patching up cracks and holes on the ceiling.


Installation services

Do you have a new drywall or plaster rosette and chandelier that you want to see attached to your ceiling en pronto? Plaster Ceiling Malaysia has the right people to do these jobs, and our plaster ceiling price for each is very negotiable. Contact us for more information.


Renovation services

If you have a leaking plaster ceiling due to a chipped roof or a broken pipe, or if your lath and plaster ceiling is barely hanging on for its dear life because it finally gives up and detaches from your ceiling, you do not have to wait anymore before you or someone else in your home gets hurt before you decide to have your ceiling renovated because we have staff who can attend to you immediately. Usually, it is the plaster ceiling price for renovations that most homeowners are afraid of that’s why they kind of prolong their ceiling agony, but we can assure you right here right now that we will only work within your budget. More importantly, we do not have hidden charges.

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Other products

On our website, you can find some do-it-yourself articles for any of these repairs, installations, and renovations. If you feel like you can do those things by yourself, we can provide the right and affordable products for you. May it be plaster, textured paint, trowel, joint knife, stipple pad, plaster coving, or even plaster medallions – we have all of those for you in various shapes and sizes!

The plaster ceiling price in Johor Bahru may or may not deviate a little from the plaster ceiling price in Kuala Lumpur, the plaster ceiling price in Penang, and the plaster ceiling price in Melaka. However, we still highly suggest that you ask for a plaster ceiling quotation by contact us Now.