R emoving a heavily damaged plaster off the ceiling is not as easy as vacuuming or washing your carpet for one obvious reason: you run the risk of having the entire ceiling fall over you and your furniture if it is not correctly. Because of that, the whole team of Plaster Ceiling Malaysia has thought of making the plaster removal process painless with the steps that you will see below.

Tearing down of plaster ceiling is now made not just easy for you but of course faster by Plaster Ceiling Malaysia.

Plaster Ceiling Removal Malaysia

Plaster Popcorn Ceiling Removal

A textured plaster ceiling simply constitutes to any ceiling with a plaster that has been intentionally left without being smoothened or a plaster that has been mixed with other particles to achieve a three-dimensional effect. When it has freshly dried, it still looks radical; however, when it has been on your ceiling for a lot of years and you can see a combination of cobwebs and dust and other entities that got stuck to your ceiling and they will not come off, it is already time for textured plaster ceiling removal.

Popcorn plaster is the best example of a textured plaster that gets removed a lot from the ceilings because its tiny peaks are difficult to clean. Considering that the plaster you have used for this is asbestos-free, plaster popcorn ceiling removal is performed this way:

  • Before you start the plaster ceiling removal, make sure that it is just you, your ladder, your tools, and the ceiling that are in the area you are going to work on. How to do that? By moving all of your furniture to the next room and making sure that none of your kids or nieces and nephews can come to your work area. Also, place rosin paper on your entire floor so that it can catch the falling popcorn debris.
  • For the actual plaster popcorn ceiling removal, you have to first spray water on the whole ceiling with a little dish washing soap. Your goal here is to dampen the plaster enough for more or less 20 minutes so that you can scrape it all off with a putty knife.


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Plaster Ceiling Rose Removal

A plaster rose or medallion is a great centerpiece in your living room, especially if you know the right light color to match with it and you have a high ceiling. When it is time for plaster ceiling rose removal, you can do the following:

  • Even though a plaster rose only covers a tiny part of the whole ceiling, you can still damage a larger portion of the ceiling if you do not conduct the plaster ceiling removal properly. Hence, what you need to do to avoid that is to cut the plaster around the edges of the rose with a utility knife until you hit the lath base.
  • Now, replace that utility knife with a putty knife, and use a hammer to push the plaster rose down with the putty knife. When you have loosened the plaster enough, pulling off the medallion will be easy.
  • Make sure to replace the lighting before you re-plaster the surface where the medallion once has been.

If you do not want to do any of this by yourself, you can contact Plaster Ceiling Malaysia to know the plaster ceiling removal cost.