Plaster Ceiling Renovation
P lanning your plaster ceiling renovation may change your outlook in your life – and your house – forever. Most of the time, this part of the renovation is overlooked because we feel more attuned to buying the fanciest and latest furniture or choosing the best paint colors for the whole house.

Although those are quite important, you may not have to worry about getting the most expensive house stuff once you see the joys of having your ceiling as one big decoration in your place. Imagine the gasps of awe when your visitors see your exquisite plaster ceiling. Besides, there are a lot of advantages to plaster ceiling renovation. Some of them are:

You can strengthen your ceiling.

Because of climate change, no one can predict for sure what kind of calamity may come our way so the most that we can do is prepare ourselves and our house for if and when that time comes. Having a plaster ceiling renovation is good if you feel the need to replace every part of your ceiling: from the beams to drywall to the plasters. This way, you can be sure that you will be safe under your own roof.


You can spice up your house.

A plaster ceiling renovation is a great opportunity for you to spice up your house. Even if you wish to get a smooth finishing for your ceiling, you can have it painted with a nice shade of blue if you want to be reminded with the perfect skies every day, an old rose if you want an elegant and feminine touch to your ceiling, or just about any color that you like. You can also get a painter to make your ceiling his/her canvas. Your options are endless.


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You can go easy on the furniture and chandeliers.

What we often notice when we go to almost any house is that the owners go all-out with the couches and other home decorations, but they keep the walls and ceilings bare. They are painted, yes, but they are still bare cause it’s just one color for such big portions of the house.

If you opt for plaster ceiling renovation, you can go crazy (in an exciting way) and ask your contractor for suggestions on how you can change your ceiling with style. You can change the texture of your ceiling, glue on some tiles with designs that you like, and even use ceiling coverings that are frequent in offices or hotels. When you do this, you can save a whole lot more because you will not have to buy flashy décor – your ceiling will be enough to surprise everyone.