I n our field of work where we deal with ceilings all the time, it is important that we surround ourselves with the people that we can count on to provide us the best materials. The reason for this is because everything is part of a chain reaction: if the supplier messes up, not only will the supplier be doomed for it, but also us – their consumers – since we put our trust on them.

Luckily, Plaster Ceiling Malaysia never runs out of an efficient plaster ceiling supplier in every place where we decide to lend our services too. The role of a plaster ceiling supplier in our company is pretty upfront – to supply valuable and cost-effective building materials.

The usual way of getting a supplier is through bidding. How do we choose the best plaster ceiling supplier? We have several questions that we should be able to answer ourselves after meeting with a potential supplier:


Can they provide high quality materials?

The plaster ceiling supplier in Johor Bahru that we have right now is a great one due to the fact that it has never failed to offer plaster ceiling materials which can compete with other materials that other companies use. This is truly important because even if we have great services but we do not have high quality supplies, we will still lose our clients. And we surely do not want that to happen.


Can they provide high quality materials at a reasonable price?

A supplier that is capable of providing high quality materials is still not an ideal plaster ceiling supplier if they set prices for their products as if they are the only suppliers in the world or as if their products contain gold or diamonds. We are aware even from the beginning that we can find a trustworthy supplier at a reasonable and affordable price, and we are not wrong. Now we have Plaster Ceiling Supplier Melaka, Plaster Ceiling Supplier Kuala Lumpur, and Plaster Ceiling Penang that can all back us up for any kind of building purchases that we may possibly need.

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Can they deliver on time?

Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Delivery time is probably the deal breaker in every business relationship. If the price is right, if the materials are not subpar, but the supplier has a status of always delivering their products late, it is not worth anyone’s effort to even try out their services.


In all of these questions, we are glad to say that “Yes, our suppliers can.”