S uspended plaster ceiling is one of the most popular drywall ceilings at present time because of the uniqueness that it brings to the whole room and the lighting effect that it has when light bulbs are put above it. Aside from those characteristics, it is advantageous because:

  • Suspended plaster ceiling is not expensive at all.
  • The suspended plaster ceiling framing is easy enough to be installed by a single person, but it is also sturdy enough to hold the weight of pipes and wires that usually go within a normal drywall.
  • You can now choose a suspended plaster ceiling system that is fire resistant.
Plaster Ceiling Suspended Malaysia

If you want to give a modern vibe to your room or your office without spending a lot money, this type of ceiling is perfect for you. What do you have to do to install it? Read the instructions below:

  1. Use a pencil and a long ruler to trace the boundary of the ceiling on the walls. Be sure to make the gap from the ceiling beam to the line you have just drawn no less than 4 inches, especially if you are going to add light fixtures.
  2. When you are done tracing, use screws preferably to attach the moldings to the wall. These moldings will serve as horizontal bases for the whole suspended plaster ceiling so tighten those screws very well. Also, let the end of the moldings meet perfectly in the edges.
  3. A suspended plasterboard ceiling cannot hang perfectly if you do not position the runners – the vertical bases – exactly 4 feet apart from each other. It is fine to use bolts and wires if necessary, just to be certain that the runners are snugly fitted against the ceiling joists.
  4. Now, add the ‘cross tees’ perpendicular to the runners. If you need connector rails, feel free to utilize them. Your goal here is for the cross tees to be attached between two runners.
  5. Next, fit ceiling panels in between cross tees and runners so that the formed grid can keep its shape.
  6. When you have finished installing the ceiling panels, it is not time for you to install lighting fixtures and/or panels.
  7. Conclude the suspended plaster ceiling installation process by adding the remaining ceiling panels to the grids.
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Despite all this, Plaster Ceiling Malaysia takes into consideration that not everyone has the time to install something this big by themselves that’s why we offer our services at a very reasonable suspended plaster ceiling cost. We do it from brace assembly to installation.  Call us now for more information.