O ut with the old and in with the new is what Plaster Ceiling Malaysia is all about at this moment. We know for a fact that homeowners are starting to get bored with their plain drywall ceilings or popcorn plaster ceilings. The idea of having to look at their smooth or overly texture ceiling for even one more second is simply unbearable for them.

Because of this, the management of Plaster Ceiling Malaysia has made it a lifetime promise to continuously come up with new plaster ceiling tile designs that can make our current and potential customers happy. Change is inevitable, that is the truth, and there is nothing we can do but go with its flow. However, if we can go with the flow in style, why will we not grab that opportunity, right?

Below are some of the newest and most versatile plaster ceiling tile designs that can make you say “Wow! I want that in my house!”


Let us start off with something simple but genius at the same time. The plaster ceiling tile used for each of this is just a square white tile, and the contractors have just fastened them together with runners. The art in this design comes from how the tiles are put together: not in a square pattern. This is in a diamond pattern so it will not give you that feeling of being in an office when you look at it.


This glass dome looks awesome, doesn’t it? But look at the browns around it – they are actual plaster ceiling tiles, not plain plasters. The idea here is to make the dome pop out, and it has done that, but how the tiles are purposely put in place in order for them to look like extensions of the dome is totally exceptional. You can have this if you have a living room with very high ceiling, or if you are planning to build a home library where natural lighting – sunlight – can freely come in.


Yes, this looks tasteful. No, this is not where bees store their honey. This, believe it or not, is a cluster of plaster ceiling tiles in a semi-rounded ceiling. It will look great on a flat ceiling as well because the hexagonal plaster ceiling tiles are artsy enough that even if you decide to put a single bulb in the middle of it all, it will not be noticeable.