E very type of plaster ceiling has a ‘special’ ingredient that makes it distinctive from other types. There are some that contain gypsum, while there are others that contain limestone or marble particles. Venetian plaster ceiling is the best model for the latter.

Venetian plaster ceiling is applied thinly using a trowel to give more depth to the surface while still maintaining the smoothness of the ceiling. This is your best bet in getting great texture without compromising the smooth finish. And, speaking about finish, you have three options for this. You can get:


  • Shiny finish (with polish)
  • Matte finish
  • Natural finish

All of these will look pretty on your ceiling so you really just have to think of what you want.

Plaster Ceiling Malaysia offers no faux Venetian plaster ceiling. In this article, we will focus on the new and latest forms of traditional Italian plaster finishes which are available here. These Venetian plaster ceilings will surely make a difference in your home.


Glossy Finish

This kind of finish can be achieved with Venetian plaster and a polish of your choice. Glossy finishes are great for commercial and residential places. Use this as a part of your background the next time you take a classic photograph of yourself, or wow the clients in your hotel with it. A shiny Venetian plaster ceiling gives off a sense of softness and, at the same time, strength that true Italians possess.


Matte Finish

The matte finish seems to be leading the trend these days not just in ceilings but also in cosmetics due to the fact that it is a cross between the glossy finish and the natural finish with its flatness and natural look. It is not very shiny, it is not looking very rough – it has just the perfection of a matte finish.

You can contact Plaster Ceiling Malaysia if you want to hire an excellent contractor who can do a matte Venetian plaster finish on your ceiling.

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Natural Finish

The natural finish of a Venetian plaster ceiling is quite self-explanatory. Unlike the other two finishes, you may not have to be a professional ceiling contractor in order to get this done because it does not require trowel skills at all. When you apply Venetian plaster ceiling, do not try to smoothen it out, let it harden, and do not paint it or burnish it or anything.


What is great about Venetian plaster ceiling is that it will never be an overkill. It is made to conform with how Italians are: simple yet classy.